Conference - Lake Erie Public Forum

Past Events 

Lake Erie and Lake St Clair Binational Public Forum, November 6 & 7, 2015

Best Western Plus, Leamington Hotel & Conference Centre, Leamington, Ontario


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Lake Erie and Lake St Clair Binational Public Forum Presentations (2015)

  1. Annex 2 – Lakewide Management: John Marsden, Manager, Great Lakes Issue Management and Reporting Section, Environment Canada
  2. Nearshore Framework - Beth Hinchey Malloy, Lake Erie and Lake Michigan Manager, U.S. EPA Great Lakes Program Office
  3. Annex 4 – Nutrients Update: Sandra George, Great Lakes Program Coordinator, Environment Canada (pending)
  4. A Joint Action Plan for Lake Erie - Lake Erie Nutrient Targets Working Group – Michelle Selzer, Lake Erie Coordinator, Michigan Office of the Great Lakes, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
  5. Great Lakes Agricultural Stewardship Initiative (GLASI) – Amy Tenbult, Environmental Programs Assistant, Ontario Soil and Crop Association
  6. Part 1 - Greenhouse Monitoring Project,  Katie Stammler, Water Quality Scientist/ Project Manager, Source Water Protection, Essex Region Conservation Authority  
  7. Part 2 - Greenhouse Water & Nutrient Challenges, Dr. Justine Taylor, Energy and Environment Coordinator, Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers
  8. Great Lakes Protection Act Carolyn O’Neill, Manager, Great Lakes Office, Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
  9. Great Lakes Network, Nancy Goucher, Freshwater Future, Manager of Partnerships



Lake Erie LAMP Public Forum, September 26 & 27, 2014

Maumee Bay Lodge & Conference Center


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Objective: Learning, planning and building partnerships to protect and restore OUR Lake Erie.  

The Lake Erie Binational Forum is pleased to announce our annual gathering where participants will learn about key issues facing Lake Erie, including: 

  • Current progress implementing key parts of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement;
  • Efforts to restore and maintain the Lake Erie- Lake Huron Corridor
  • The status of the Detroit River and methods to measure nutrient loading
  • An overview of the Western Lake Erie Basin Conservation Effects Assessment Project  

Lake Erie and Lake St Clair Binational Public Forum Presentations (2014)

  1. Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement Annex 4 - Nutrients by Dr. Reutter
  2. Lake Huron - Lake Erie Corridor by L. Cargnelli - T. Briggs
  3. Protecting and Restoring Lake St. Clair by B. Parkus, SEMCOG
  4. 2014 Detroit River Phosphorus Loading DB2 Backus Reviewed
  5. Landowner Behaviour in the Grand River and Upper Thames Watersheds by J. Brick
  6. Keitzer WLE CEAP Presentation